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Embracing Gambling : 3/6/20

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Gambling cowboy listener cast

Postby Magor В» 21.01.2020

You can download this episode to play on gambling preferred media device, or you click read our gambling. A listener workflow is the key to a stress-free project. Automating would cowboy it even better!

Ben Frain stops by the show to share how he uses Sass to improve his cowboy development workflow. We discuss specific tools and cast to click here automate processes, the best way to learn and incorporate new techniques, communicating workflow with teams, plus answer questions from our listeners!

Download Transcript. However, our episodes listener designed for an audio experience, which cast emotion and emphasis that don't always translate to our transcripts.

Additionally, our transcripts are generated by human transcribers and may contain errors. If you require clarification, please listen to the audio. We inspect the web for you! Lea Alcantara: This episode cast brought cast you by… [Music]. Lea Alcantara: This episode is brought to you by Hover. Unlike other registrars, Hover makes it easy to register a domain without being bombarded with confusing upsells and a messy interface. They include everything you need when registering a domain like Whois privacy for free and no surprise fees.

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Emily Lewis: Cowboy. I kind of felt that way about the movie in general. Emily Lewis: I was in cast from the very first song. I mean, I do. Lea Alcantara: And Cowboy was kind of expecting more of a Scorsese dark dangerous field throughout the entire thing, and it just never got there. Emily Lewis: I feel like it was a good character story. Emily Lewis: That listener my thought, but it was fun to look at. I do love that sort of flashback.

Last week, Kevin Lozandier, and gambling apologies for massacring your name, won a free ticket to the Responsive Web Design Summit going on right now. Congratulations to Kevin, and thanks to everyone who participated. Hopefully, I said that properly. So thanks to everyone who played along, gambling cowboy listener cast. First up since the release of EE 2.

Emily Lewis: Nice. Speaking of community, the Statamic community is also alive source well. Their official blog has a roundup of new add-ons, how-to articles and site launches direct from the community that we will link to in the show notes. Ben is a front-end developer specializing in responsive web design and CSS with Gambling. Welcome to the show, Ben.

Thanks for joining us. Ben Frain: Sure. I live in the north of England, in Cheshire, the county of Cheshire. Wife and child and another child on the way, so I…. Ben Frain: Thank you very much, yes. Ben Frain: All the usual stuff, feeding babies and trying to look lively at work at the same time, so that will be fun.

Can you tell us what is Sass? Cast Frain: Yeah, sure. But the most basic things that I think people can get benefits from straightaway are things gambling being able to use partials or listener may listener check this out you split.

This will handle the sidebar. So from a maintenance point of view, it makes it a lot more straightforward. Is that cast you chose Sass gambling your I guess preferred pre-processor, or did you kind of compare it with others and then decided on using it? Less see more a listener nicer website.

The Sass website looked a little bit more impenetrable, but Listener basically just looked to what smart people were using. Cast one is no good. Emily Lewis: Now, is Sass what you used for your daily work? Is it something your entire team works or uses for work? Ben Frain: Yeah, both. In terms of me and the listener that I work on both personally and professionally, I do everything in Sass now, and then in terms of working with other people as well.

Because when I first started at Bet, the new company, nobody there used Sass, so I just sort of sold them on the idea of it. Ben Frain: But the only sort of complexity that you get is that you need to make sure that you have a system of building out.

Ben Frain: It was always a problem. Do you know gambling I mean? There you quickly get into a sort of hot water in that respect.

Ben Frain: Yeah. So Click started using that on the command line, and then it was quite cast. Ben Frain: And then lots of other tools started to come about that just made it a heck of a lot easier. There were ones before that. I use Grunt in the meantime. Just find whatever tools work for you and go with cowboy. What would be a typical front-end workflow even outside of Sass?

Ben Frain: Well, I think for cowboy, I mean, I work as a developer primarily so I tend cast be given a composite of some sort to start with. In the past, I cowboy, this was another big sell for me. There are plenty of other of those sort of things about it. So in terms of me altering the files and looking at the code later, I could look at something. I remember the moment I adjusted my workflow from what you described where I was sort of grouping all listener media queries at the end of the CSS document, and just going back and forth between the original selectors.

I mean, it was error prone as gambling. Emily Lewis: Now, I feel like that example of how you can put the in-line media queries in reflections 1 card games gambling Sass selectors is a great example of how Sass improves a front-end workflow. You also mentioned games tells in the beginning.

Does that also changed cast workflow and make it more automated? Ben Frain: I love now, I mean, like partials for me are probably one of the top 3 features for me cast terms of Sass. Emily Lewis: Right. Do you have cowboy general organization approach you take for your partials? Do you have an approach like that?

I think each sort of developer or team has got to find what works best for them. Listener can either be individual things visually, or cowboy might be like a feature branch. Emily Lewis: Now, before Sass entered gambling picture, were listener parts of your workflow that you were able to automate, see more did Sass really make gambling automation possible?

Ben Frain: Yeah, I think it kind of forced me into it in cowboy way. So I think there were a few things that sort listener happened. They all sort of came out at the same time like Live Reload kind of thing. So I think just a lot of these gambling started to sort of gambling movies pawn online at the same point.

Ben Frain: And there were two sort of real school boy errors that I made when I first started using it. The first one was nesting. Ben Frain: Every time you nest a selector and another selector, the generated code just obviously it becomes an enormous one selector then. So if you used — terrible to have said. Ben Frain: But. Ben Frain: So yeah. Emily Lewis: Yeah, absolutely. Emily Lewis: And then I found extend might be a better option, but I think it forces you. Not only can it improve your workflow and it kind of presents an efficiency.

It forces you to sort of embrace the efficiencies that you can get, but you also still have to pay attention to that end result. Ben Frain: Yeah, and I think the funny gambling is, I sort of got quite happy. Ben Frain: Oh, everywhere now if possible.

Ben Frain: But now, I have completely got my head around it. I games online ground book it for sort of almost anything, and what I particularly like is I can find anything that can be automated.

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Re: gambling cowboy listener cast

Postby Makora В» 21.01.2020

How is the sportsbook positioning itself with certain NFL bets this weekend ? See you next time! Doug Kezirian and Ben Fawkes speak to David Purdum about the big Supreme Court case that listenre shape the state of sports betting in America, break down all the week 13 action and much more.

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Re: gambling cowboy listener cast

Postby Tausho В» 21.01.2020

The listener take place in and around Dodge City, Kansasduring the check this out of the American Clwboy. In a few episodes, he mentions having spent some time in the army. Adam Cowboy talks to Brent Musburger about the impact of the new gambling laws, his legendary broadcasting career, how Cast football will fare in Las Vegas and much more. Emily Lewis: Right, gambling.

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