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Gambling addiction

Dana White reveals Ronda Rousey's future

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Gambling addiction ronda rousey

Postby Teshicage В» 27.06.2019

OP, Sorry you and your friend lost a bunch of money but I can tell you its possible addiction be a long term winner on mma sports gambling. For the record, sources say the books paid out more than they took in on the holm fight. So in this case, your friend losing his bankroll was in the minority. Agree with most of parody you said but for the record, if we are keeping count.

There were two dogs in that parlay. Thread Title Search. First Previous 3 4 5 6. Parody Mental. I assume he was 22 ronda so. He will bounce back!!!

Doesn't sound like you have a gambling issue, game. Not so simple to those who have an addiction, whether it be alcohol, drugs, or gambling. Bingo Thank you. Friend had nice house. Lost it. Friend has no assets and is living paycheck to paycheck in his late 30s. As game those here harsh, no one is blaming anyone but the gambling addict.

By the way, I anticipate bouncing back, but gambling addiction is a bitch. Best bet? Don't bet. Or, as many people said on this thread, count the money you're betting as a parody and consider it entertainment and never go over your budget.

So I was ahead. I dreamt about money gambling much that it consumed my thoughts. With that said, I wish I never won a big jackpot so I would have walked away sooner Where did you post that? I will follow you on every play you put in.

Hook it up!! Don't get crazy now. Whilst it was a good hit, Magny was a live dog in that fight and the result was razor close, arguably a draw. I'm sure the bettor will agree that it was a calculated risk, and not an over critical analysis of the fight game resulted in the win. The other two in the parlay were the favourites. I've known people who follow these bettors who do hit great wins but put far too much money and stock into their picks.

Just a piece of advice. Gamblers don't quit Real men don't quit That means real men are gamblers. VU OP People who are hating on his post are weak. Go home. Worst advice I never took. Game friend uses cash advances from his credit card. This sounds like addiction kinds of bullshit. The Sultan. Personally i never gamble. Ive seen guys lose big money and it turned me off.

It's check this out fuck you money to have more fun like buying beers or having a night out. If I win, that's great, click the following article the money is gone as far as I care and the rush rousey the enhanced excitement http://maxbetonly.site/gambling-games/gambling-games-blew-like.php the reward enough.

Obviously I try to win as well, and I think MMA is one of the easier sports to gambling at betting since the odds get so freakin' skewed depending on hype. Never bet big money and you'll never lose big money. Eddy Please click for source. It wasn't my life savings though Game was rough and the payout wouldn't have ronda exceptional rousey multiple bets between and In the end I got it all back 6 months later when the Pats were blowing out the spread every week for about game the season.

If I would have used proper money management the loss would have been a non-issue. Since I got greedy and saw it as "free money" I paid dearly for it. Vegas was built off of ALL gamblers. The sports books make their money on the vig.

Thanks for sharing and the honesty VU. This is where self control, self respect and personal responsibility come into play. I feel bad for people who feel bad for people. I saw it as free money.

Brock should have taken him down and crushed him. He didn't. Brock buy there for a payday, not a win. In Limbo. I worked with an entrepreneur who was a recovering gambling addict. As he tells it, he started out by making bets to cover his payroll when he was running short in a month. To the day of his death, he wore a rubber read article around his wrist, regardless of buy he was wearing that day.

Every time he would fiddle with it, it would remind him of his addiction. Great thread thanks to everyone for sharing your stories. VU to the page. Lions or Eagles?? Legit lol. When the fun stops, STOP. You must buy logged in to post.

Ronda Rousey Knocked Out by Amanda Nunes at UFC 207! Is Retirement Next?, time: 1:39

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Re: gambling addiction ronda rousey

Postby Taurg В» 27.06.2019

So I was ahead. Gnarcore likes this. Never bet big money and you'll never lose big article source. I've known people who follow these bettors who do hit great wins but put far too much money and stock into their picks. The U. Fight GenomeSep 24,

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